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Sun, Sun, Sun...

How many of us have heard of the saying ’April Fool’s Day?’

A small group from Enrich were having a discussion with a friend of
mine from London and he dropped that phrase into the conversation.
It’s not something that everyone was immediately familiar with, so I asked him what
it really meant. He said that it’s traditionally a time when people play jokes on one another
and sometimes even the mass media report fake news stories to make people laugh.
Now, making people laugh and be happy is something I’m all for. If that makes me an
April Fool, I’m cool with that.

One of our features that I hope will make everyone happy is new contributor Saanvi
Pinto’s account of a journey back to his home country, India, and visiting the spiritual city
of Rishikesh. The Beatles made Maharishi Yogi famous, or was it the other way around...

This month, we have a rare interview with National Artist nominee, Joe Datuin.
Filipinos are globally recognized as being creative and artistic, but to reach the giddy
heights of becoming a National Artist is awe-inspiring. Joe has the distinction of besting
35 other entries from around the world by winning the 2008 Beijing Olympics rings
competition. Read all about his humble beginnings as a young man growing up in Tondo
and how his passion for the arts drove him to success.

I am sure that all our readers are familiar with the name Jose Rizal. Almost every
city and many towns throughout the country has a road named after our famous hero.
Maribel Grencio’s story about his exile years spent in Dapitan intrigued me - I hope it
does you also.

I’ve never had the desire to spend any amount of time in jail - nor would I imagine
have many others. But you might change your mind after reading regular contributor
Kara’s tale of what a night in the cells can be like. Check out her ‘Jailhouse’ story.
Let’s all enjoy the summer months ahead, take care not to overdo the beachparties,
and be careful of overexposure to our hot, sunny weather.

Happy April, dear readers.

As Always,