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Welcome to our exciting issue this merry month of May.

I say “merry” because May is celebrated with festivals and dancing around tall poles in many countries across the world. Our travel expert Jamie Gonzales went on a long-haul adventure last year and recalls how May Day is enjoyed in a few different European places.

I have been fortunate enough to visit Zamboanga on several occasions over the past few years. A good family friend has an ancestral home just outside the city and has taken a few of us there to escape from the hustle and bustle of Manila life whenever we could manage it. This charming city is famous for its fresh fish dishes and wonderful scenery.

Because of my affinity with the place, I thoroughly enjoyed reading 5 things you didn’t know about Zamboanga Sibugay by Kara Santos. Then again, I thoroughly enjoy all of Kara’s wonderful travel tales. I hope you do also. She puts tremendous effort into her work, and now it’s gaining her international recognition through her travel blog.

In today’s fast-paced and sometimes stressful world, insomnia affects many of us. However, Dennis Gargantiel never lets anything disturb his slumbers. He shares one of his secrets with us in his feature Rock-a-bye, Daddy, an
informative and humorous look at how to sleep the night away in peace. On this page last month we showed a copy of a handwritten letter that one of our readers kindly took the time to send to us. I commented on the fact that few people actually put pen to paper these days and write letters.

But once a letter has been written and posted, how many of you know what happens next? It’s actually quite interesting, and far less simple than just pressing the Send button. We’ll feature the process in a future issue soon.

Equally interesting are some of the wonderful old post office buildings still around. The most impressive one I’ve seen is now the Fullerton Hotel in Singapore’s Boat Quay. This magnificent five-star hotel was once the local post office.

Manila has its own beautiful old post office building, and Eva Angcanan’s feature Manila Central Post Office gives us the low-down on this historic masterpiece of architecture, and what has gone on inside it.

As Always,