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Many sports fans were glued to their televisions during the Olympics in July and August of this year. Hourly reports of medal winners were broadcasted on the news channels and social media pages. What an exciting time it was for us sports fanatics.

In this issue, we have a look at what Filipino sports stars have achieved at the Olympic arenas over the years. Evangeline Capuno’s feature All The Filipino Olympic Medalists gives us an enlightening overview of who won medals and how it has affected their lives, and what drove them onto wanting to be successful at the games.

October always brings to mind Halloween. Among all other social gatherings, this popular celebration has suffered from the effects of pandemic lockdowns to prevent the spread of the virus. Eva Angcanan decided to recall one of her previous Halloween parties in her feature It’s Time For A Halloween Party! Eva is a great storyteller and this little
tale reflects a time when office parties were a part of our normal routine.

Filipino families are renowned for their kindness, especially when it comes to caring for their parents and grandparents. Having to do this has been even more important as of late as our senior citizens have been limited in being able to venture outside their homes. Celestine Banayat has plenty of experience in caring for her loved ones and shares what we can do to make their senior years more pleasurable.

Her feature Loving Your Elders reminded me of several things that had slipped my mind. Little things that we sometimes forget can make a huge difference once we start to implement them again.

I hope that many of our readers are also checking out Enrich on the website and social media.

As Always,