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Welcome to our 11th anniversary issue. We have a wonderful line up of interesting features to celebrate our birthday. The whole team would like to thank our loyal and regular readers for keeping us at the top of our game and for your continued patronage.

During the latter part of the 1990s I was fortunate enough to be working in Spain for several years. The month of August in that part of Europe is vacation time for most people. Long gone are the gloomy cold climates that dog much of that part of the world, and the summer sunshine beckons millions of visitors to the cities and beaches throughout much of Europe.

Of course, their beaches are not a match for what we have here at home, but the holiday attraction of sand and sea is universal. Daniel Leemon’s article City Living or Island Life shows us a foreign expat’s view on how they judge between living in a city or at a beach destination. Many foreign nationals that I know left their city homes abroad and sought a different lifestyle on our tropical beaches. I found this an intriguing and insightful story.

Living a healthy lifestyle is of paramount importance to us all. However, there is much more involved in achieving this than just eating healthy. Sport used to be something that we enjoyed watching at the local park, stadium or on TV, but
in today’s hectic and often stressful world, we need to add exercise into our daily routines. The feature The Importance of Sport by Luke Johnstone tells us what we need to do to prepare our children for a healthy and sporting life.

Maria Belen Grencio’s feature about the Berlin Wall, The Wall of Oppression, gives all of us history buffs an in-depth look at what happened in Germany after WWII had finished. Another fascinating and informative piece from Maribel.
Last but not least. We are giving away three great prizes in our anniversary issue competition which you can find details of on the insert between pages eight and nine.

As Always,