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Happy New Year!

elcome to another New Year, and I for one am thankful to still be here, to still be healthy, and to be able to bring you
another exciting issue of our magazine.

I say, “our magazine” because the whole team here are so happy with the response that we get from our many tens of thousands of readers. Our Facebook page has produced many happy winners in last year’s competitions, and we look forward to continuing them throughout this year. We are also in the process of making more use of social media opportunities to reach out to our ever-growing younger audience. The era of the ‘Millennials’ is upon us, but we plan to appeal to all age groups and bring something enjoyable and of value to everyone.

Looking forward as we are, there’s a great piece this month on Nanobots and what they are. Dennis V. Gargantiel’s look into the future and what it might hold for us and is not too far away...

A short while back, we conducted a readers survey on what the most popular reading topics were - travel, travel, and more travel came up yet again as an all-time favorite. So, as always, we aim to please, and widely-traveled Jamie
Gonzales has hit the proverbial nail on the head with his story about a nostalgic visit to Prague, and also a trip to his mother’s birthplace in Northern Samar’s capital, Catarman.

I wasn’t going to mention New Year’s Resolutions, because I always have a problem keeping them, but take the time to check out Ricky Fabrera’s guide on how to make them work for you. The Daily Grind.

I hope you enjoy our line up for this issue, and all of us at Enrich would like to wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year ahead, and don’t forget to be thankful for all the blessings that another year brings us.

As Always,