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During the pandemic, the travel restrictions affected so much of the world’s population. Among some of those who suffered most were travel writers. Their whole world revolved completely around moving across the country, and often the world.

Our regular travel writer Jamie Gonzales was one of those poor unfortunate people. I received regular emails from him asking for assignments, and being the total professional that he is, he helped with some tasks. But Jamie’s
passion is travel.

Once permitted, and not surprisingly so, one of the first places he headed to was his favorite Boracay Island. His article Travel Tales shows just how happy he was to be back on the road.

Staying on the subject of travel. Another of our travel writers, Kara Santos, shares with us her experience of journeying to one of Metro Manila’s nicest art galleries. Her feature Art Space And Café tells of her trip and what you can enjoy if you’re also a lover of the arts.

Others who suffered rather badly from lockdowns were our senior citizens. Daniel Leemon shares some insightful tips on how our seniors can improve their health and stay fit both physically and mentally in his fe ature Staying
Healthy As A Senior. I know that Daniel used some of this advice to help his parents and some their friends during some stressful times.

Many of our sports fanatics love following Dennis Gargantiel when he decides to turn his considerable sports knowledge into words. This issue sees his feature on Tom Brady guiding us on this iconic football superstar and his
decision to swap teams late in his professional career. It’s an inspirational and informative story for everyone to enjoy.

All of the Enrich team hope that you enjoy reading this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you, our readers.

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As Always,