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How quickly time flies. We’re now into what are commonly referred to as the "ber" months. In much of the world, this
marks the beginning of their winter season. And of course, for us in the Philippines, it’s the start of our countdown to
Christmas. But as much as I enjoy this festive season, it’s too early for me to even think about the holiday period. So, let’s move on.

This issue sees the introduction of two new contributors to Enrich. Our Facebook page led Anthony Into to contact us and ask if we would consider publishing his feature Glass to Paintbrush. It’s an intriguing and informative story of artist Dante Enage and his different usage of our native drink, tuba. I’m tempted to tell you more, but check it out for yourself.

What would most of us do if we found a wallet full of cash? I’d like to think that we are honest enough to hand it into lost property or the police. But in reality, not everyone is that honest. Dennis Gargantiel’s feature Lost Wallet Experiment enlightens us to different scenarios of what many people actually do.

What I like to refer to as our national game, basketball, saw a massive matchup between two of the best teams around. I admit that I am a huge fan and thoroughly enjoyed reading Whee! The North! It’s the story of the Toronto Raptors becoming the first ever non-American franchise to win an NBA championship.

Moving on to another favorite pastime of mine, travel. Our other new contributor, Isaac Malone, reveals what’s in store for tourists who venture to our mysterious Asian neighbor, Myanmar. Formerly known as Burma, the country was closed to most visitors for almost five decades. Isaac’s feature Travels in the Golden Land is written from his perspective as a foreigner who lives in Yangon and has traveled extensively throughout this wonderful country.

The 28th is World Rabies Day. We all need to stay vigilant against this life-threatening disease, so make sure you read the article of the same name. We need to protect ourselves and our children.

As Always,