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Well, here we are at the end of the first quarter of this wonderf ul year. I for one am having a great time putting together each issue of Enrich, and I know the rest of the team are just as excited as I am. The great feedback we receive from our readers every month makes all our efforts worthwhile. Thank you. Yet again.

Who’s never heard of Spiderman? Whether you love or hate him and his group of super heroes. I’m sure that you’ll enjoy Dennis Gargantiel’s feature on Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee. The innovative man passed away last year and Dennis tells his story of How Stan Lee changed my life. Along with millions of others, Dennis is a true believer.

If you are one of the fast growing band of people who follow football, or is it soccer - the answer depends on who we listen to - then you will have heard the name Cristian Ronaldo being hailed as the greatest footballer (there you go) of all time.

But is he the original great Ronaldo? Check out our sports guru Luke Johnstone’s story O Fenomeno to see who else started as the Ronaldo legend.

Although March is now upon us, we have an interesting feature that takes a look at what the great city of London is like at Christmas time. There is some wonderful photography in the London Town feature that depicts what many of this wonderful city’s cultural landmarks look like.

As promised last year, we will soon start our new look competitions with great prizes and special offers. Keep an eye out for them on the future monthly inserts that can be found between pages 8 - 9 in each issue. Something to look forward to.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as we have putting it together for you.

As Always,