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Dear, Enrich.
I love coffee!! Thank you so much for your delicious article, mainly because it finally led to my husband to buy a French press!

Thank you again, haha!!


You’re very welcome, Tina! Just make sure you avoid the adults-only recipe until later in the day, and we’ll have some more curious coffee recipes for you in the coming months!
Thanks, Enrich! I used to be a selfie addict and a photography nut always heading out into weirder and more wonderful locations to shoot selfies for my Instagram page, but because of all my recent studying I have hardly had time - until your competition! I didn’t win because my entry was a little late (darn study schedule!) but I will be sure to
join your competitions in the future! I want a free subscription to your magazine lol.


Thank you, Emily! We’re glad that you enjoy the magazine, and we’re thrilled that we’ve helped you rediscover your passion! Now get out there and send us what you’ve done through our Facebook @enrichmagazine!
Dear Enrich
I have only just started reading your magazine this year as I have been living in Australia with mom and dad. There are lots of good magazines there, but this one is full of articles that cover lots of different topics, not just a health medical mag. Can I contribute some articles about life in Australia and now back in Cebu please?


Hi Wilma
It sounds like you had a great time living in Australia, and are also happy to be back home in Cebu. I am sure that you have some good tales to tell, so please send any articles in to and I will be happy to review them for you.

Thank you so much for giving us readers a lot of pleasurable reading last year. My mom has been buying enrich since it first started, and I have been reading it since I left college. Can I ask you to put more articles in that help us younger generation to help our senior family members when they need us.


Hi Sharleen
Thanks for your kind words and request on future article topics. We always consider these very seriously and I will work with the editorial team to include them in the future.

Thanks again.
Happy New Year
Hi Enrich, in your last issue I noticed that you had a promo to win a holiday on Boracay. It’s a great idea and I even entered and wish all my friends and other readers help me to win.

Please keep these promos going so other readers can get the chance to win also.

Thank you so much

Hi Maribel
Good luck with your entry, I hope you still enjoy the fun of entering - even if you don’t win this time.

And if you do, you and your friends can still keep entering, because, as you suggest, we will be extending the promotions as often as possible.
Hello to Enrich.

I have just returned to Manila after being in Australia for three months. While I was away, I asked my brother to buy copies for me so that I wouldn’t miss anything.

Now I have a lot of enjoyable reading to do. Thanks for making my home return a pleasurable one also.


It’s our pleasure, Carleen, and thanks as always for the support! Next month might just have an article on something to do with Australia, but you’ll have to wait and see!

Hi Enrich! I just wanted to let you know that my entire class enjoys reading The Mystery Remains every month. Sometimes it’s weird, and sometimes it’s just plain creepy! We love it!

Pasig City

Thanks, Enrique! We noticed that your name is almost the same as the name of our magazine… but did you notice the recent redesign of The Mystery Remains? We wanted to ‘creep it up’ a little more for you all! Thanks again for the feedback!

Hey Enrich!
John Montero’s article (A Race To Win? ) in your March issue was a real eye opener! I had no idea, and neither did my Sunday morning jogging group! It led to some really interesting discussions, and further research! When our biology teacher is back from her leave, she is certainly going to have some explaining to do - haha! Thanks again for the really, really interesting and thought-provoking article!


You are very welcome, Jonah, as are your jogging group! (And our apologies in advance to your biology teacher for getting her into trouble!)
At 74, I have undergone cataract operations on both my eyes. And just lately, have been lasered. Despite of this, I didn't stop reading Enrich magazine. And I will continue reading it as long as I can read. Just recently, my grandson asked me what I want as Christmas gift, and I said I want a subscription of Enrich magazine. I have been diagnosed to be psychosomatic and presently suffering from neuropathic pain. I wish to understand more about my ailment. I hope you could feature something about it. Thank you and more power!

Aldhelma H. Dipon

It really does bring a smile to our faces - and an occasional tear to our eye - to read such comments, ma’am, and you can rest assured that next month’s article lineup will feature what we hope will be some valuable and interesting reading for you! Thanks once again for your support, and our thanks, too, to your family for being so helpful to you!
Dear Mr. Arnaldo.

Just a quick note to say that my mom recently returned from a brief business trip to Naples and said that it’s as beautiful as it looks in the pages of your magazine. Our thanks to you and your team, because the article allowed me to feel as though I had already been there, making it a great reference guide for talking about the city with my mom!

Our warm thanks,

We love nothing more than our magazine being informative, educational, and engaging, but when we discover that it’s been used as a tool for family bonding, it also gives us a great deal of satisfaction - so thank you, to you and
your mom!
Hi Enrich! Can I please, please tell you how much I enjoyed The Thrill Lives On with super-legend BB King?? I lack the dexterity to play most instruments but my dad has played guitar for as long as I can remember and neither
of us had any problems at all enjoying the article together. Please ask kuya Dennis if he can profile another of my dad’s favorites - Eric Clapton!

Thank you thank you thank you!


Thanks for the great feedback, and we’re thrilled that you enjoyed the experience with your father. As most people are, we are also fans of Eric Clapton, and you can rest assured that we are working on your request!
Dear Enrich magazine. Your April issue was one of my favorites so far! I really am enjoying the new lineups - it seems you pretty much have a few celebrity writers now! - not to mention the new designs. I studied design in Arkansas for a few years, and it’s always a pleasure to see the work of those like myself who clearly love their jobs!

More power!
Pasay City

Thanks, Johnny! The entire Enrich team is essentially one big happy family, and to say that we love our work may just be an understatement - but thanks for noticing!
Dear Mr. Arnaldo and the Enrich team.

It’s with a heavy heart that I write this message to you. I have been eagerly anticipating the last five issues (more so than usual) since the first instalment of Mr. Macpherson’s From Elba to St. Helena series of articles, and now that it’s
finished, I must say that it has been a thoroughly interesting and engaging journey. I have been a fan of his historical pieces for many years now, and I do hope that he continues to write about such a diverse array of topics from our past. Please extend my thanks to him, as well as to the rest of your team.


Thanks, Billy. I will certainly pass on your kind words, and rest assured that Malcolm is now and will remain a regular fixture of our editorial team. There are several other series of historical articles lined up, and there’s an independent article on page 52 of this month’s issue entitled He Shared the Glory of that Glorious Day that you’re sure to enjoy!

Dear Enrich,

It’s no surprise any more that your last issue was great, as the magazine you make truly does seem to improve with every issue! I really hope that you can publish my letter so I can show off to my classmates this February when I return to school after having to travel to China with my extended family for a wedding. More power to your magazine and keep up the good work!


Thanks, Jun! We hope that you and your classmates enjoy the issue and that the air pollution in China wasn’t too bad! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours!

Dear Mr. Arnaldo,

The last few months have been particularly difficult in terms of medical woes suffered by my family, so, as regular readers of your magazine, we have all been put somewhat at ease given the high quality of your magazine and
the fact that it truly is a Filipino publication - it’s something that makes us proud to be Filipino, and it takes our minds off of the other issues that tend to cause us strife.

For this, my family thanks the entire Enrich team, and we must wish you more power for the New Year!


First off, Jenny, the team would like to send our condolences for your recent troubles, and secondly, we must wish you and your family the very best of luck for the New Year. You can rest assured that we will continue to strive to
gain your approval, and we are sure that you won’t be disappointed.

Thank you for taking the time out from your busy life to write to us; we genuinely appreciate it!
Dear Enrich!

Thanks for putting in such a big effort each month to give us the magazine that we always look forward to! I really think it is one of the best home-grown magazines in the Philippines and I am proud to read it each month
with my family!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to your editor and all of the staff!


Thank you for the wonderful compliment, Ronnie! We are always thrilled to know that Filipino families are willing and able to use our publication as a means of family bonding experience. A very Merry Christmas to you, and here’s to 2016! Thank you!
Dear Enrich magazine. Where do you get all of your ideas from?!? My husband and I really love your recipes that are featured every month, and last month’s article from Ms. Kara Santos on the Five Unique Museums is something we
are looking forward to exploring with our nieces and nephews this coming December when our break from work (finally) starts.

Thank you, from my entire family, but especially my husband and I!

Legaspi Village, Makati

Thanks as always for the kind words, Grace, and we are again genuinely honored to have the families that read our magazine bond over the articles that we have painstakingly selected for you each and every month for over seven years. An advanced merry Christmas to you, your husband, and of course your extended family!
To Enrich staff,
I have been an avid reader of every page of your magazine. I focus on the articles about health and literature. I used to teach English and Literature so I prioritized reading those which concern my interest. As a senior citizen, I still like to sustain this interest by always buying the monthly edition.

What amazed me in the August edition was the article written by Eva Angcanan about the ICM sisters who have worked for five decades in the vineyard of the Lord. For your information, these nuns have been my models too. I have known most of them since I stayed in their school for almost three decades; further, there are other ICM nuns who are like them, doing missionary work in different parts of the world. The ICM school became a haven for me and my three daughters who also graduated there.Thanks to the author for featuring the super heroines of our times. I salute them! I look forward to seeing the faces of the other nuns in the next issue. More power to Enrich!

Francisca B. De la Cruz

Thanks, Francisca! On behalf of the entire editorial team, and Eva in particular, we would like to thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to write us such a wonderful letter! We sincerely hope that you continue to enjoy Enrich magazine, and we promise to continue to present to you and our other readers an array of interesting and thoughtprovoking topics!
Good day to the Enrich team!
I just wanted to tell you that after reading Mae Anacay’s article on Ona’s Batangas Blades, my husband and I, who are very much into anything local and authentic that is of wonderful craftsmanship, headed up there the very next
weekend to see what all the fuss was about. Mae was absolutely right; it was a joy of a day and a pleasure to get to handle some of the highest quality knives we have seen anywhere in Asia outside of Japan. So, in short, thanks for
the great lead!


Thanks, Megumi! We are very pleased indeed that you and your husband both had a wonderful day, and we couldn’t agree more that such wonderful finds are another thing that makes living here at home such an incredible experience. Keep exploring and thanks for your continued support!
Hey, Enrich!

I have been working as a graphic artist for over 20 years and have - thankfully! - worked on three continents (so far). I have to tell you that I really like what your designers do with the magazine. I noticed a few years back that the magazine underwent a redesign and it looks really great. It’s not like other magazines I can see here and it’s also a great read, even though I am not a native English speaker (La Belle Époque was really awesome). If I didn’t own my own firm, I might even ask for a job on your staff, haha!

Keep up the good work!

Cebu/Paris, France

Merci, François! Coming from such an internationally experienced artist such as yourself, we must say that we whole heartedly and most gratefully accept your praise, and will continue to strive to improve Enrich each and every month. We hope you enjoy this issue in particular with our article on a man you might know named Napoleon!
Good day Enrich magazine!
I must thank you because I am a big fan of American football and find it really difficult to get my fix when I am here and not over in the States. It’s not quite the same uplifting experience to watch it just on the television so thanks again for the interesting article. But who doesn’t love Tom Brady right? It doesn’t matter what they say! I will always be his number one fan! Haha.

Keep the good articles coming!


Thanks, Josh. Despite Tom’s new label, nothing - in our opinion - can be done to erase the years of world class ability that he’s displayed, so we’re absolutely with you on that one! Thanks again for writing in!
Dear Enrich magazine staff,

Every summer, there is one thing I really look forward to… and that is our annual family trip to Siquijor!! Your last issue’s cover story looked great and Mae Anacay’s writing and photography was just perfect to portray a place so close to the heart of my whole family. Thank you Ms. Anacay!

Great job!


Thank you, Pam, I will be sure to pass on your kind words to Mae and we hope that you enjoyed your most recent trip to Siquijor as much as you enjoyed the last! We would also like to recommend Dumaguete, which you can read about with Kara Santos in this very issue!
Hi Enrich!
Thank you for your January issue. The cover was truly inspiring and as soon as I saw it, I had to have it. The Pope really is a progressive man and I think that it is great. Mr. Macpherson’s article on La Belle Epoque painted a very nice picture in my mind’s eye and I can’t wait to read the follow up. Keep up the good work and keep on inspiring.
Thanks again and more power to Enrich magazine!


Thanks, Joanne. We haven’t heard a bad report from our January cover story, and we are very pleased to say that you will particularly enjoy the article on page 64. Be sure not to miss our March issue, as Malcolm’s fantastic tale of
French society of the time will return once again. Thanks for taking the time to write to us on Facebook, Joanne!
Hey thanks Enrich! First off I LOVE the new Kayema Xperience pages! Between that and Shake It Up! I have new faves! Being a LOTR fan, you can just imagine how much I enjoyed (and am jealous of!) Ms. Lorie Santos’ trip there
and all of the wonderful things she must have seen and done but I must say that Mr. Daniel Leemon’s article on the honeybee scared me half to death! I researched it myself because I didn’t know and it’s very scary! More power to
your magazine! Keep giving us the news that matters!


Thank you, Celine! We are very pleased to have both the ladies from the Kayema Xperience and Alyona from Shake It Up! onboard. We truly feel that the monthly additions we are making to the magazine would all be considered improvements and we are proud to suggest so. The situation you refer to is indeed scary and we hope that you’ll spread the word among your circles!
To my favourite Enrich magazine! Once more you have made my day! Thank you! I don’t know how Sir Mauricio Torres finds so many interesting YouTube channels but they are all so good so far and I am already looking forward to the next installment. Just when I think my magazine can’t get any better you prove me wrong. I love The Blog Log also! More power to your editor and talented writing staff. Thank you!


Thanks, Raul. We never tire of hearing that our hard work is genuinely appreciated by our readers. Without you - all of you - we simply wouldn’t be able to produce such a quality publication. Thanks for your support and we hope that you will enjoy the new features that we’ve introduced this month.
Hey guys!! I can’t believe you got to go to Mexico! Andy Sachs is so lucky - it has always been my #1 place to visit since I was little and was reading about it in school!! (Also my favorite cover this year.)

I really like the one page and two page things you have in your magazine. Where do you keep on coming up with things to write about? I especially like the Beauty Bosses and Alex is so pretty!! Why are there never pictures of Chelsea? Is she really so mysterious? Haha.

Thanks for another nice edition. I always wait for my mom to buy it each month from Mercury.

Keep up the good work!

Ozamiz City

Thanks for writing to us via Facebook, Mona. We are always happy to hear that Enrich is a source of family time, even if it’s just to quickly steal it from mom when she gets back from the store so you can read it first! We will
pass on your kind message (and question) to the Beauty Bosses team and will get back to you with what we hope is good news. We hope that you continue and expand upon your desire to travel; there is a wonderful world
out there, as you can see from our features on Paris and Strasbourg this month. Bon voyage!
Gdam enrich. Thanks a lot for the discovering, an interesting, inspiring, a surprising, and healthy living magazine
for the month to other month issues. you know im almost 3years a avid subscribers or reader of enrich magazines. From now and then I’m so excited for the new issues. Thanks a lot.

Jeffrey Mati
Davao Oriental

Thanks, Jeffrey! As you may have noticed, we have recently been diversifying our content beyond anything that we have produced in the past. The feedback so far? Great!

With your letter, we received hundreds of others from readers who are as pleased as you are. As a result of this, we are equally pleased and would like to thank you and each of our other readers for the support! From hereon, the only way is up, and this issue will certainly be no disappointment!
Hey Enrich editor, I just discovered that you have a facebook page and are doing more stuff online. Thats really cool. My mom has been reading the magazine for a few years and I liked it also for your sports features and health tips. It's quite a lot easier to read now with different shorter story's and your online stuff. I wouldnt send any letters to the editor
before, but now your on facebook its a lot easier for me to comment on things (hope you dont mind?). Keep on the good work bro. Best, Steven

Thanks, Steven! Although our Facebook site is only new, so far we have received a fantastic response, and the pace
certainly seems to be picking up since our “relaunch” in our 5th anniversary issue back in August.

We’re really pleased to hear that your mom enjoys reading the magazine, and even more so that she has passed the
reading bug onto you! We hope that our new features will be more in line with what you personally would care to read
about, and if you have any suggestions we would love to hear from you!

Thanks once again, and we hope to see
you online again soon!

(Note: This month’s Letter to the Editor was retrieved from our Facebook page, and we will be continuing to publish
selected comments from our Facebook feed on a regular basis. If you would like to see your name in print, please see the details below on how to follow us online!)
Dear Enrich Magazine,

First off I would like to say that this is the first issue of your magazine that I have bought, as I have been out of the country for many, many years. What made me buy it? The fantastic cover! I was living in Boston for the last 13 years and this was a pleasant surprise for me because I was only “home” in Manila for 3 days before I went to Mercury Drug in Makati. I took the magazine home to my mother to show her my new discovery. It turned out that she has been a regular reader for 3 years. No bonus points for me then!! The rest of the magazine was a great mix of history, health and entertainment articles that is making me look forward to your next issue!!

Thanks Enrich Magazine! Keep it up!!

Timmy Rodriguez

Thanks for your kind words, Timmy, and welcome home! It’s great that your mother has been a regular reader for
many years, and we hope that you both, and the rest of your family, for that matter, continues to enjoy reading Enrich
and are able to share the valuable advice that our contributors present to you each month.

We hope that you enjoy our future issues as much as you enjoyed the last, and while there might not be another feature on Boston for a while, we’re sure that after reading this issue, you’ll be looking into when you will be able to visit London and Brazil!
Dear Sir,

I am an incurable tennis and overall sports fan and would like to thank you for the series you are doing on the Grand Slam tournaments of tennis. I am writing you this letter on May 29 (in the middle of the first week of The French Open) and really enjoying the action while being able to compare what I am watching on live television as the tournament progresses with what is published in your May issue about the tournament’s history and present stars in action.

I can’t wait for your June issue, which I trust will include a feature on England’s Wimbledon, the third of the annual grand slams. I’m confident of its appearance in June because last January, Enrich also did a feature on The Australian Open that is held annually on that month.

Kudos to your magazine as I anticipate more sports articles to give us fans some good entertainment from the world of athletic competition. Such features even motivate me to go out and be more active, to tell you the truth.

Faustino Generoso
Iligan City

Thanks for the feedback, Faustino, and congratulations on being the first Letter to Enrich to be published in our new format!

More importantly, we would like to commend you on your passion for sporting activities, and we just wish that there were more out there like you who take charge of their own health and wellbeing. There is no denying the health
benefits of regular exercise (be it in the gym or on the tennis court), and we hope that you can inspire at least one of our other readers to follow in your footsteps on the road to wellbeing.

In particular this month, you will be interested to read the Enrich review of the US Open, which, as you’re almost
certainly aware, begins on the 26th of this month, and you may rest assured that we will continue to feature sports
and sporting events on a monthly basis. Thanks for your letter, and we hope that you enjoy our new format!
After reading “Treading the Treadmill Rumors” I’m now in the market for a treadmill. What are some good questions to ask a salesman so that I get the right one?

Arnel Posada
Lucena City

It’s actually the salesman who should be asking you the questions, Arnel. Questions like how much you weigh? Are you primarily going to be walking, or jogging on it? Will you be using it at an inclined angle, or for the most part at fl at level setting? Are you interested in programmability? Do you need to monitor your heart/pulse rate while you are using it? Or, know the exact distance you are covering? These and other such questions will determine the level of sophisticated features that’s right for you, not to mention how sturdy or heavy duty the treadmill needs to be. The more basic and lightweight a unit is (more applicable for an intermittent user), the cheaper it will be. Conversely, the opposite is true – serious users will require units that can absorb more punishment, and those will cost more.
Dear Editor
I waited two months to write this because I wanted to make sure that one of your tips about storing food in the fridge actually worked. Particularly, it was about thawing meats inside the fridge, not outside at room temperature. I’ve tried it ever since. Though it takes a little more time, thawing in the fridge section keeps the meats fresh and ready for cooking. You’re right. I’ve done it with fi sh, steak and hamburger patties off my freezer section. It works superbly! Thank you so much for this nugget of information. I love Enrich for useful tips like these.

Erning Papas
Angeles City

Letters such as yours motivate us, Erning, letting us know that we are on the right track. You see, at Enrich we aspire for our value to be multifaceted, able to touch our readers’ lives in many more ways than simply being entertainment or interesting. Thanks for the compliment and your encouraging email.
Dear Enrich,
Oh how I love the Philippines’ Sorsogon. It’s Rizal Beach where I dream to stay for just two days. I remember before my father died, he would bring us every Saturday to a beach or to a resort. Supposedly if my father was still alive, I know we could be in Rizal Beach and would stay for two days. I know it is whole day beach swimming, put our bodies with sand while lying in the sand, make sand castles which will be destroyed by waves as the clock moves into the next hour, and then eat our prepared foods. When we arrive home, we would have sunburns in our skin.

Yours Truly,
Lissa O. Bucog

In case you’re interested, Lissa, the writer of that article returns twice a year to their 105-year-old ancestral home in Sorsogon, Sorsogon, where his father was born in one of its bedrooms in 1917. His siblings and their children go to each of those places he described in “Beyond the Butandings” when they are there. According to him, Rizal Beach is as inviting as you describe. Thanks for your nice letter and feedback.
Hi Sir,
I am not so religious but I liked very much your 2-part article on Pope John Paul II. Those are amazing miracles that happened in his life and what made me think a lot also is what he accomplished internationally. I still can’t believe he visited 129 countries and spent a total of more than two years outside the Vatican during those visits.

Poldo Macaraig
Bongabon, Nueva Ecija

And what was good about that write-up, if we may add, Poldo, was that the writer is not an especially religious man in the same way you have described yourself. But it is still easy to see the passion in the way it is written, not to mention his admiration for the pontiff.
Dear Editor,
I learned something from the “Seat of Power” before I thought Washington D.C. was where my friend is in Seattle, Washington. Now I know...”

Sandro Alomar

No prob, and thank you for being candid, Sandro, it gives us a chance to shed some light on something that can be naturally confusing. Washington D.C. borders the state of Maryland, which is in the East Coast of the U.S. It is on the Atlantic Ocean side – same as New York. The state of Washington, on the other hand, is in the West Coast or on the Pacifi c Ocean side – same as California. The distance between the two, Washington D.C. and state of Washington, is actually more than 5,000 kilometers – one side of the United States to the other.
Dear Editor,
I liked very much “Ten Ways to Stay Fit When Traveling” in your March issue. Very good information because I am one of those guilty ones who always gains a few pounds while on vacation. Specially the advice to stick to local food. I think I will try that because before I always looked for fast food or something I recognize.

Julie La Torre

Since we have a monthly section on destinations, foreign and domestic alike, we were pleased to publish a feature covering the good things to do when people are on the road, Julie. The travel writer who wrote it, Michaela Abrera, has plenty of experience behind her and it very much showed in the content.
I’ve been to see the Butandings of Sorsogon twice already and didn’t realize that there is so much more to that province. Next time I go I will surely checkout some of the places that were recommended in “Beyond
the Butandings.” There is no commercial airport right in Sorsogon province?

Rex Abad Santos
Malaybalay, Bukidnon

Unfotunately, there is no airport with commercial fl ights in Sorsogon province itself. However, as the conclusion of the article states, Lepazpi City (in adjacent Albay province) is only 60 kilometers from Sorsogon City, the latter being an excellent base to maintain while checking out all the other sights.
I’m a VW Beetle owner so I was quite happy with your photo essay “Beetle Mania Forever!” Were all those
pictures taken here in the Philippines?

Pao Quisumbing
North Fairview, Quezon City

We are proud let you know that, yes they were, Pao. And believe us, the local Volkswagen Club of the Philippines (VWCP) has many other restored VW bugs to brag about.
Dear Enrich,
I was 17 years old and present during the inauguration of Araneta Coliseum on March 16 1960. I was with my dad when they announced that there were more than 30,000 in there with us. And what a victory it was for the Philippines! Manny may be most everyone’s hero now, but Flash Elorde will always be mine.

Ferdie Linsangan
Quezon City

And are you aware, Ferdie, that Araneta Coliseum is still the largest indoor facility in Asia,with a dome diameter of 108 meters? And that when Elorde clobbered Harold Gomes that evening, general admission to “The Big Dome” was 80 centavos? Oh and, coveted reserved section seats were five pesos apiece!
To the editor,
Im referring to your “7 Most Un-kept Resolutions” write-up. I’d like to tell you that there is someone who has never broken a New Year’s resolution. My husband Rey. And we have been married 14 years. But maybe you are also right because every year I see many people who don’t keep them. Anyway, I enjoyed it.

Claire Bautista,
Malvar, Batangas

You may not realize how happy we are to hear that, Claire. From experience, it’s not that common for people to succeed at resolutions or promises, and so it’s always great to hear of such positive achievement. You should be proud of your husband.
I found Enrich magazine in a Mercury drugstore, and immediately got interested in it. I’m a Manila-based editor, features and travel writer, and I’d like to inquire if there’s a possibility I could apply as a  Contributing Editor for the magazine. I’d be more than happy to send in my resume and  published articles as soon as I receive your message.
I’m looking forward to your response soon. Thank you very much.

Sincerely yours,
Jennilyn Q. Salvador

Editor’s Note:
We have already emailed Ms. Salvador and invited her to undergo our screening process. Who knows, we may see her on the contributor’s page of a not-too-distant issue.
Hi there!
Kudos to your magazine. Being true to its name ENRICH. Enriching the mind of your readers with those features found on every page.

More power, I can’t wait to grab your forthcoming issues.

Glenn del Rosario
OVCCA, U.P. Diliman

Coming from the Office of the Vice Chancellor
for Community Affairs (OVCCA) of one of the
most prestigious universities in the country,
that’s a nice compliment, Glenn! Thanks for
your encouraging feedback!
Dear Sir;

Being Bicolano, I have always wondered why Mayon Volcano had not received the international recognition it deserves. Your “Vote Philippines” article gives all Filipinos the opportunity to join hands in elevating not only Mayon, but our other national treasures to the worldstage.
Let’s get it on!

Jhun Peralta
Legazpi City, Albay

We need more involved citizens like you to champion
Philippine causes, Jhun!
Dear Sir;

I showed your feature “The Sheriff Is In Town” to my twin 9-year-old sons. For some reason they have been fans of the Wild West since they were small. They got excited when they read it themselves so we plan to make a trip north next weekend to look for the sheriff. Thanks for the tip. My wife and I have been looking for a new type of place to bring our boys.

Jared Posadas

Thanks Jared!
I took my grandchildren there a few months ago--we all loved it. Don’t forget to look
for Gabby
Dear Editor,

Congrats on the new mag. Its very impressive and great value formoney. The discount coupons inside are a bonus. I found the article on olive oil really informative. Could I get in touch with the writer for moreinformation?
Keep up the good work, and thanks.

Fred Ramos

Hi Fred!You can touch base with the writer
through the same e-mail address:
To the Editor,

That was a great brand owner interview! I was borderline diabetic and have been taking Charantia with good results. The information you are putting out in Enrich is very helpful, especially since I learned how many Filipinos have high-sugar blood levels after I was diagnosed with it. Keep up the good work!

Margarita Meneses
Cabanatuan City

Unfortunately, it’s a too frequent ailment here. Glad that the article helped in some way.
Attention Editor

Think your magazine’s pretty good. But in your fi rst two issues there’s been nothing on celebrities local or international. What gives?

Quezon City

Glad you asked, puzzled. In this month’s issue we feature a local rags to international riches story of a homegrown musical talent – Arnel Pineda. This is a classic journey, with a little pun intended.
Dear Editor,

Since reading your article in the last issue on VotePhilippines. The whole family has started voting in the New 7 Wonders of the World contest. I even got my workmates and boss at it - and he’s a foreigner. But he has been to the 4 places mentioned and some of us haven’t. More power to your great new magazine.

Violy Araneta

Hi Violy!
There’s some fabulous places in the Philippines and we deserve to be up there
with the best. Get your boss to take you all on a company outing next time.
Dear Ed,

I come from Mindoro and found the article Bamboo Whispers very fascinating.
My Lolo has told me so many stories about the Indigenous peoples so I bought an extra copy and sent it to him as he now lives with my sister in Sydney. I also liked to read about India as I have not been there yet. Thanks for the great stories and pictures.


Thats good to hear Abe!
I found the article intriguing also. We never stop learning new things in life.
Hope your Lolo remembers some of this. Ask him to contact us if he does.
I’m an amateur pilot and enjoyed the “Lofty Highlights of Aviation History” feature in your December issue. What about our own country? Wouldn’t it be interesting to see an article specifically on the history of Philippine aviation?

Maeng Policarpio
Davao City

Thanks for your feedback, Maeng. Your suggestion is very well taken. We will certainly consider it for one of our future issues.
To the editor,

I’m keen on your “Beyond Our Shores” articles. Since I can’t travel to many of those places, at least I learn something about them. Like the one on Macau. What an interesting mix of European and Asian cultures.

Uldarico “Rik” Santos
Cagayan de Oro City

We’re lucky to have had foreign contributors from Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, India and the U.S, with several of them being well-traveled. This affords us the opportunity to provide you an additional dimension different from our local features. We’re happy you enjoy them, Rik!
Dear Sir,

Thanks for the miracle story in your Christmas issue. I got goose bumps at the end.

Rochelle Katigbak
Lipa City, Batangas

We agree 110 percent, Rochelle. When we thought about doing our Christmas issue, we knew we had to come up with a miracle tale. Of the more than ten we researched and studied, the one at the Battle of the Bulge struck us as the most moving, not to mention the most historically verifiable.
Editor’s Note:
Our readers may have noticed that other magazines being sold at Mercury Drug have plastic covers. Enrich on the other hand has purposely left them off because first, Enrich is being sold indoors and therefore safe from the elements. Next, we'd also like to remain environmentally friendly. And finally, it is a trend now quiet prevalent in many of our Asian neighbor countries and we don't mind leading the way in the Philippines.